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Since taking Okinawa Life, I wake up, I'm energized, I want to get out and do things.

Holgie F.

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In Okinawa, an island 1,000 miles south of Tokyo, people have the longest average lifespan in the world. What is one of the suggested reasons for their longevity - up to 83 years or longer? The Okinawan diet.

Now you can tap into the Okinawa way, with
Okinawa Life™

Ingredients include:


found in high quantities of traditional tofu of Okinawa promotes an antioxidant effect that fights free radical damage at the cellular level on the human body.**


an herb similar to turmeric.**


a bitter melon gourd grown in Okinawa.**

Okinawa Life™ brings together a healthy combination of fish, soy isoflavones and Okinawan vegetables--like goya (bitter melon gourd), zedoary (similar to turmeric, cultivated using natural farming methods). These ingredients aid in digestion and promote antioxidant activity.** Like healthy aging supplements, Okinawa Life™ delivers nutrients associated with vitality, longevity and immune health.**

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