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Inspiring people to live longer, healthier lives

Who We Are

Kowa Health Care America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Kowa Company Ltd. (Japan), a multinational pharmaceutical and trading company.

For more than 100 years, Kowa has proudly brought pharmaceutical and nutritional solutions to Japan and the East. Now, for the first time, we're making our unique dietary supplements such as Okinawa Life available to consumers in the United States.

Vision: Inspiring people to live longer, healthier lives

Mission: To provide holistic, nutritional solutions for optimal health and well-being

Our Philosophy

  1. 医食同源 (i shoku do gen)
    All our products are developed based on a philosophy of 医食同源 (i shoku do gen). This is an idea originated in the Orient and developed in Japan. It promotes the nutritional power of foods as a means to live healthier. It advocates the value of taking natural remedies and that even the most basic diet can provide health benefits. Food touches every aspect of living well and being well. This philosophy can be summed up in the statement: "Eat well to be well".
  2. Source of Ingredients
    Our innovative digestive health and healthy aging supplements are intended to provide holistic, nutritional solutions for a healthier lifestyle. All of our products come from natural ingredients, mostly grown in Japan, and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and alcohol.

At Kowa Health Care America Inc., our goal is to inspire people to live longer, healthier lives through healthy diet and balanced nutrition.

What We Do

Kowa Health Care America Inc. is distributing Kowa's supplement products to the US consumers. Our products are produced in Japan and imported to the US for distribution.

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We offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee (minus S&P).

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