Dr. Suzuki on Okinawa Life

Our study showed that the key food ingredients of the traditional Okinawan diet, are an integral aspect of the secret to their longevity and good health. These ingredients are also found in Okinawa Life.

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In Okinawa, an island 1,000 miles south of Tokyo, people have the longest average lifespan in the world. What is one of the suggested reasons for their longevity - up to 83 years or longer? The Okinawan diet.

Now you can tap into the Okinawa way, with
Okinawa Life™

Ingredients include:


found in high quantities of traditional tofu of Okinawa promotes an antioxidant effect that fights free radical damage at the cellular level on the human body.**


an herb similar to turmeric that helps to aid digestion.**


a bitter melon gourd, the nutritional king of the Okinawa diet.**

Okinawa Life™ brings together a healthy combination of fish, soy isoflavones and Okinawan vegetables--like goya (bitter melon gourd), zedoary (similar to turmeric, cultivated using natural farming methods). These ingredients aid in digestion and promote antioxidant activity.** Like healthy aging supplements, Okinawa Life™ delivers nutrients associated with vitality, longevity and immunity.**

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